14 September 2023

Glaze tests are going into the kiln today, and I was able to get a few mugs into the bisque kiln yesterday. I'm also very excited about another new mug design that I have been working on. It features floral silkscreen decals on the exterior of a diner style mug, and I am creating beautiful colored liner glazes to compliment the flowers on the outside. Think pink for peonies, goldenrod for sunflowers and sky blue for tulips. There's one more design in there utilizes William Morris' Marigold design, and I am still considering which color to focus on for that one. I really want to create a light purple color, so I might use that one in there. 

I am hoping to do a shop update very soon, but with yesterday's glaze mishap, it may be a couple more weeks before I can get to it. Not having a kiln or a plan really slows things down, but the cogs are moving again.

Speaking of kilns, I received a grant from the Vermont Arts Council to repair my flooded kiln! It is such a beacon of hope to have the funds available for the project. Our techy woodworker was able to look it over and said the motherboard was above the waterline, and should work just fine, especially if I replace elements that did get wet. What a relief. 

Today's projects will be cleaning up my silkscreen mugs, hopefully getting my platters and glaze tests in the kiln, and making a set of tiny pots that make great gifts and glaze tests. Until next time!