About Christi

Christi Becker - studio potter

Christi Becker grew up in the farm lands of Kansas, playing in the sunflower fields and making mud pies along the property line. McPherson, Kansas was not particularly arts centered, it had long turned into a manufacturing town, but it was rich in its arts education. Many generations of great instructors had cultivated a desire to create within the community. Christi was fortunate to come through that lineage with her arts education, including her BFA in Arts Administration. After college, Christi began her career in the arts and has held a regular studio pottery practice selling artworks through her gallery, Chestnut Studios, and other galleries in Kansas and Vermont.

Her body of work represents a snapshot of that journey. Christi works full time for ShackletonThomas as a studio potter, and after hours is designing forms and glaze finishes utilizing the facilities available at Miranda’s studio. Her design, WILDHARE, features stoneware embellishments and organic forms that serve a bohemian home. Christi finds inspiration from the natural world to choose colors and decoration. Careful considerations are put into each of her designs, with comfort and functionality in mind.

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