16 September 2023

My glaze results came out of the kiln today! I'm quite happy with them, especially the new light blue glaze that I had to replace due to the flood. It is prettier than before with a lovely blue hue. It is one of four glazes that I use on my River Rock Platter Sets so it's such a relief to have a nice sized bucket mixed up and ready to use. I will say though that my Emerald Green glaze is being a bit persnickety so I'm looking forward to mixing up a batch of that next. I still love the color but it has become a little more transparent than I like causing the glaze to be a bit streaky.  

On a personal note, Nick and I are celebrating our nine year wedding anniversary on the 19th! We are headed up to Portland, Maine for the first time to explore.

Today's project is pretty small, I just need to finish trimming my tiny pots and get ready for our weekend away.