21 August 2023

Studio work is coming right along. I worked late at the studio Friday night to make a batch of River Rock Platters. It's not lost on me that my exciting Friday night plans include making pottery. What a life. 

I've been exploring my watercolor book and learning new techniques. Things I've learned so far... Pencil won't erase once it's wet. Use a watercolor pencil to outline your pencil sketch and erase graphite before painting. The point-pressure-point brush stroke. And I'm excited to try out the wet on wet technique. 

I also want to get a shop update underway for Sept 10th. I've made a list of pots I want to have ready for the update and have most made. Next will be to decorate them, and finally fire them in the kiln. If you've been following along since the flood, you'd know that just might be the trickiest part of this update. There are two new kilns on order and are meant to arrive early Sept. Anyways, I will have to be flexible because of that so bare with me.