9 September 2023

It is taking me a little bit to get the ball rolling again on making my personal pottery work, but I did fire my first batch of pots all the way through to the end this past weekend. It feels like so many firsts since the flood happened, but this one is definitely a major first. I did have some strange technical issues that were a mind eff, including tiny pits and air bubbles in my glaze that feel and look gnarly, some glaze crawling spots, and my galaxy glaze combo looks like I forgot how to make it, which I did. I overglazed it with the top layers so it turned out a light brown vs a dark deep glaze. Eric and Nick both say it looks cool, but it's not how I imagined so it's a bit of a hit to my creative ego. I am going to try refiring one, but I may decide to sell them as is. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The technical issues will be addressed with a refire as well, but we'll see if it will fix it. I may just have to smash them and start over. 

In the meanwhile, I am working on recreating my light blue "Slate" glaze. Fortunately, it's the only one I lost to the flood! Pretty amazing all things considering. I feel like I've almost got it perfect, one more test firing should say for sure.