Flood 2023

Wow, what a roller coaster ride this last three weeks have been! Just as a quick update, I left home for a family reunion celebration, and came back to Nick and my employment being flooded. Like major river flooding, rushing water, and structural damage. 

In the studio, all of our kilns were damaged. Kilns are the life blood of the pottery process, and without them, production has had to come to a halt. The the materials and supplies in the flooded kiln room have been displaced. Thankfully, the making portion of our studio didn't endure any damage. We are using it as a staging area until we can return everything to its home.

Today is a new day. I'm basking in my freshly rearranged home, in all its hygge glory. Thanks flood 2023 for the extra pent up energy to accomplish that huge project. Now I'm off to make a small batch of mugs, bottles, and tiny pots. 


Auf Wiedersehen! (Farwell)